The Bookkeeping Dept.

Accurate everyday bookkeeping in one convenient place

Certified Bookkeeper

A Certified Bookkeeper has the proven ability to handle the books for a company of up to 100 employees.  In 1998 the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPS) set the first and only national standard in advance bookkeeping.

What can The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC do for you?

“The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC can open up time for you to focus on YOUR business”.
How many times at the end of the day have you been too tired from working in your business to focus on billing your clients, paying your bills or figuring out just how much money you have. If you are like most small business owners, that’s almost every day. The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC can bill your clients, pay your bills, and tell you how much money you have or need.  We can also tell you how much profit you made on each job so you can determine future pricing.


“The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC can provide to you a monthly printout of your income, expenses, purchases, payroll for you to compare to other months or years”.
Do you know where you stand in your business each day? How much money are you spending, how much money are you wasting. Are you doing better than last month, last year? The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC can tell you.


“The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC can help to identify areas to cut cost and increase profits”.
Every business owner wants to know if they are spending too much and charging the right price for their product or service. The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC’s accurate bookkeeping practices will provide you at a glance with the information you need.


“The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC can save you money”.
Business owners sometimes complain that their clients don’t pay them fast enough. Because of time constraints small business owners usually do not bill their clients on time. This leads to the client not paying on time.  The Bookkeeping Dept.  LLC can send monthly statement to your clients and follow up on receivable so that your payments are received in a timely manner.



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Start-up Services

If you are ready to start your business, we will set up your books insuring that your financial records are accurate from the start.

Check your books

If you are not completely confident in your books as they are now being done, we provide a service where we will check your books for accuracy. We  will then make recommendations concerning any corrections which need to be done.