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Certified Bookkeeper

A Certified Bookkeeper has the proven ability to handle the books for a company of up to 100 employees.  In 1998 the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPS) set the first and only national standard in advance bookkeeping.

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Why do you need accurate bookkeeping records?
Business owners need to know where their company is financially and where it is headed financially.  The best way to obtain this information is to turn to the company bookkeeping records and to confidentially assess the situation.  QuickBooks and other accounting software makes accurately tracking your company information easy but you need to have the time and knowledge to use the program correctly.

Having accurate bookkeeping records is one of the most important aspects of any business. Government agencies require businesses to keep accurate bookkeeping records. Beyond such requirements, accurate  bookkeeping records allow you to determine trends, profits, budget requirements, affordability and give a concise, precise view of the condition of your business at a glance.

As a small business owner you can’t do it all!
You can’t effectively operate your business, get new accounts, manage your existing accounts and spend time doing the bookkeeping records.

How can The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC help?

The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC can Set Up your bookkeeping records ACCURATELY from the start using either QuickBooks or MYOB.  How you set up your chart of accounts, banking, vendors, customers and sales/inventory items determines the information available to you.  If not set up correctly you may wind up paying more taxes than necessary, loosing track of customers and sales or not being able to get loans or investors when needed. 

Check out our Services to see what The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC can do to get your business started on the right foot.

The Bookkeeping Dept., LLC is family owned and operated.
  • Maryann Klenke, CB (Certified Bookkeeper)
  • Virginia C. Dominguez
  • Margaret Coleman

Each member has over 25 years experience in Bookkeeping, Office Management and as Small Business Owners.

Our skills, qualifications and knowledge were gained through education and careers as business owners, bankers, bookkeepers and administrators. This experience is invaluable to our clients because we understand where they are, what they are doing, where they want to go and what they need to help get them there.



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Start-up Services

If you are ready to start your business, we will set up your books insuring that your financial records are accurate from the start.

Check your books

If you are not completely confident in your books as they are now being done, we provide a service where we will check your books for accuracy. We  will then make recommendations concerning any corrections which need to be done.